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Services at Richmond Car Removal

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  • Car Wreckers
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At Richmond Car Removal, our car removal services are second to none. You are guaranteed to receive the high price for your Old, Broken, Unwanted vehicle. If you are short on money, this is the best way to earn instant cash! We are a fully licensed and insured Cash for Car Removal company in Richmond.

To sell your Unwanted, Accident Car to us, you won’t require advertisement. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Call and talk to our friendly staff.
  • Tell them about the condition of your car and some basic information about you.
  • Our staff will give you an estimated price for your car.
  • Our price range starts from $100 to $6,000!
  • You will confirm the date, time and location of your convenience.
  • Expect our expert to arrive at your location on time.
  • We will produce documents for you to sign.
  • These documents are for the changing of vehicle ownership.
  • Meanwhile, our expert will inspect your vehicle further.
  • We will pay you the right price based on the current condition of your car.
  • Our staff will tow away your car for FREE!

We have appropriate tow trucks suitable for all sized vehicles.

Arrange the Following Items for Us

Before we arrive to tow away your car for free, ensure to do the following tasks:

  • Take permission for towing
  • Prepare your license or any other ID proof
  • Arrange all the updated papers for your vehicle. Also proof of your ownership
  • Clean the interior of your vehicle. Make sure your car does not have any papers or items inside
  • Remove the number plate

Cash for Cars

We are one of the top ranked Cash for Car Removal companies in Richmond. At Richmond Car Removal, we buy all vehicle models- Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Holden, BMW, Volkswagen, Mazda and other local and international brands.

Your vehicle can be of different condition- Old, Damaged, Accident, Broken, Unwanted and even new, as long as you want to sell it.

We accept every type of motors- Sedans, SUVs, Utes, 4x4s, 4WDs, Vans, Trucks and so on.

Our target is to purchase the vehicles that are sitting on the carport due to the poor condition. Your vehicle can be 100% Broken, Damaged or even Accident. We assure you to offer great price for your Damaged, Old motor. Our price range starts from $100 to $6,000. Earn the opportunity to get great price right on the spot!

With the price we pay, you can easily buy a second hand car!

Car Wreckers

We aspire to provide the best Car Wrecking services to all our customers. At Richmond Car Removal, we have our own Wrecking yard with appropriate tools and machines to wreck all types of vehicles.

We have highly skilled professionals who are specialists in wrecking. We ensure all the hazardous parts of the vehicles are carefully and safely disposed. The spare parts and the car body goes directly into our wrecking machine. We do not cause damage to the environment. We use eco-friendly methods.

The main reason why we buy Unwanted, Damaged, Old Cars from you is to wreck them safely. If you have a totally Damaged Car, call us. We will happily buy it from you.

Free Car Removal

Richmond Scrap Car Removal

We guarantee your Free Car Removal service when you confirm your booking with us. We don’t want you to dispose Unwanted, Damaged or Old Car anywhere or at any Scrap yard in Richmond. We will gladly tow away your vehicle for free and take it to our own centre for Dismantling and Recycling. We will safely dispose all the hazardous parts before Recycling.

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